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Solar Leasing in Sun City AZ

Posted on by bgreen

Senior Budgets Benefit from Solar Leasing Sun City

Every year, seniors flock to Sun City, Arizona to escape the bone chilling, damp and wet weather in other parts of the country that aggravate arthritis and other medical conditions. And every year a certain percentage of those seniors decide to make Sun City their permanent home.

And for those individuals living on fixed incomes and pensions, the solar leasing Sun City program offered by Simply Solar of Arizona helps homeowners to spend less of their hard earned money to generate the energy they need to run their homes in addition to saving them money compared to other methods of heating and cooling, including coal, oil and gas.

Seniors who have worked hard all their lives to finally enjoy their retirement years in Sun City know the value of experience.  Simply Solar of Arizona prides itself on its commitment to hiring only the most experienced solar photovoltaic system installers available, individuals whose backgrounds include roofing, construction and electrical systems.

All of this experience makes the solar leasing Sun City program offered by Simply Solar of Arizona one of the most trusted ways of leasing solar energy generation equipment in order to enable homeowners to have a solar energy system installed with no cash down and no upfront money required in order to have the system expertly installed.

Very often seniors who are watching their budget have been under the mistaken notion that they will have to have thousands of dollars at their disposal in order to convert their current energy system to a solar photovoltaic system. Nothing could be further from the truth, thanks to the solar leasing Sun City terms now available from Simply Solar of Arizona.

Simply Solar requires zero cash upfront in order to obtain a leasing agreement.  Lease terms are flexible and transferable should the home be sold prior to the end of the 20 year term. There are flexible down payment options that assure low monthly payments that are fixed and well within the financial means of even seniors living on a budget.

The Simply Solar Lease also includes free monitoring, maintenance, insurance and warranty of the installed system so that homeowners can enjoy worry-free and hassle-free energy production. And choosing solar power automatically reduces energy rates by as much as 20%, resulting in net savings during the first year of operation.

There are no hidden costs to obtain a Simply Solar Lease and a free consultation by phone or in person can answer all homeowner questions regarding the no risk features of solar leasing.