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Solar 101: How Commercial and Home Solar works

The three basic components of a grid-tie solar electric system are the solar panels, inverter, and bi-directional billing meter. Of course, home solar and commercial solar installations use the same concepts.

The solar panels collect the sun’s energy and the inverter converts it into utility-grade electricity, which is fed directly into your property. Any unused, excess solar power is sold back to the utility and accounted for via the bi-directional billing meter. To easily track energy production your solar electric system includes a dedicated kilowatt-hour meter.

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Solar power is universal and will work virtually anywhere, however some locations are better than others. To evaluate the output for your potential solar installation location a proper site evaluation must be performed, and Simply Solar provides this at no cost or obligation. It is important to note that the electricity solar electric systems produce is no different than what your utility company supplies to your home.

Our home solar design and construction expertise ensures that your new system will integrate flawlessly with your property. With professional installation by Simply Solar AZ your new residential solar electric system will supply you with decades of clean, reliable energy

How Much Will a Solar PV System Cost:

The cost for every residential solar power system will vary with the technology you chose, total system size, roof type and configuration. Due to our relationships with suppliers and our streamlined installation practices, Simply Solar of Arizona can offer turn-key residential solar power PV systems from $3.00 to $3.99 per DC watt (STC). This price is calculated PRIOR to utility incentives and tax credits being considered. In most cases, Simply Solar of Arizona will reduce the installation price by the amount of the “up-front” utility rebate and in turn, require the utility rebate to be issued directly to Simply Solar of Arizona.
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